Bible Qwazz

BibleQwazz is currently only found in Portuguese but we expect to be ready with an English version soon. By playing the app’s difficult quizzes, you increase your knowledge around Bible related issues. The more you play, the more you learn!
All questions are based on the Bible itself or on internationally recognized research in history, geography, archeology, as well as articles and literature from religious leaders, including rabbis and Christian priests.

The questions cover the following areas:

Literal (based on biblical writings)

Cultural (especially on the Jewish culture)

Geographical (to encourage the understanding the area where the narrative takes place)

History of the world (part of the history of the world that interacts on the book’s narrative in question), such as the Pharaohs interacting in Genesis and Exodus)

Trivia (about objects, actions, customs etc. that use is obsolete today and so are not widely known)

Mathematics (accounts with numbers in the narratives that come to surprise us)

Understanding (the texts in relation to the Bible as a whole)

and much more…
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BibleQwazz is a new way to specialize in matters relating to the Bible, regardless of their religion.